The Company

The company, with its long establised history, operates within the artisan gastronomy sector in the Piedmont region.

Managing Directors Biolo Antonio and Leonardi Silvio took over the company in 1984 from the former company Deusebio which was established in the immediate post-war period. They significantly restructured it over the years, constantly looking to meet the needs of big and small private sector commercial businesses.

The company has specialised in the production of gastronomic products from land and sea, thanks to what will always be their production philosopy of always putting product quality first.

Thanks to its careful selection of Suppliers and an informed choice of prime ingredients from all over the world, it produces dishes and courses of unquestionable quality.

The artisan approach and production flexibility, is what makes S.A.G. stand out in the market. This has allowed the company to be in a position to offer a wide range of products (hot, cold, in oil, short and long sell-by-dates) and of different types (meat, fish, cheese and vegetables) and different pack sizes (from 200 to 5000gr) to all the private sector Wholesalers, Caterers, Large-scale distribution companies and Retail.

The company philosophy has always been based on Total Quality Management and this led S.A.G., ahead of its time, to launch a Self-controlled Plan of Sanitary Hygiene in 1994 based on the HACCP methodology.

Indeed the endorsement of the new legislation n. 155 in 1997 only imposed hygiene control activities which were already in place within the company.

The company S.A.G is permitted to produce, pack and sell its own products in the EU having been granted these three licenses by the European Commission.

A food technologist and a well-equipped laboratory specialised in microbiological controls support the production and quality manager across the entire food production chain. This ensures that the highly specified production targets and standards are met for the finished products before they enter the market.

The loyalty shown by the established Clientele of S.A.G. and the willingness of new clients to become so, rewards the managers and employees involved in this delicate but significant work.